I... Don't know

2013-12-27 21:02:20 by DarkMatt94

Ok, so I will post the game I've made for school... looks and feels crappy but I had no class in school (which I was supposed to have). Also time was pretty limited. And I'll get into gaming college next year, but let's see what'll come out of it.

Soon enough

2012-01-07 13:16:21 by DarkMatt94

This year have just begun. And I like animating... You'll go like: "Then why didn't you uploaded anything yet?"
Because, silly human, I like video editing. So I made some separated flash clips(sucking ones, cause I'm not good at flash so far. I mostly used Pivot when I was younger.) and then mashed em up on Sony Vegas.
Anyways... This year, little fellas, I'll have FLASH classes on school. So, newground... PREPARE YOURSELF.